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Home School History Class at Bethel Begins Thursday September 2nd.

"Drive Thru American History"

Thursdays 10AM-12PM.

Contact Kelley Dillon For more information 513-652-8476 or Pastor Bill 513-417-0640

Sunday Morning 

9:30AM Bible Study

10:45AM Worship


-Men's Bible Study 6:45AM

-Prayer Study 10AM

-Teen's Bible Study 5:15PM

-Worship Team 6:30PM

"Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter."

                -Charles Haddon                          Spurgeon

Junior and Senior High Youth


Studying God's Word for everyday life!

Pathway to Hope            

Baby Bottle Out Reach 

Sunday Morning

Bible Classes


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Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 10:00AM

God's Word

Join us as we dig into the Bible. God's Word, His love letter given to us.  His Word truely is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path!


Available for children up to age 3 

April 14th

Kid's Ministries

Teaching God's

Word in real,

connecting ways.